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Modern housing is a complex set, which includes plumbing system, electrical equipment, gas facilities (especially in private houses) and various modern appliances. Ideally, to create comfort at home all these systems must function perfectly, without any failures and accidents, BUT! Any equipment has a tendency to break down, wear out and deteriorate physically and morally.

Often problems might appear out of nowhere: a sudden burst of pipe or faucet, a boiler or a gas water heater won’t turn on, windows and doors stopped closing, wallpaper is peeling, upstairs neighbor flooded the kitchen and a purchased chandelier won’t connect to the wires.

What can be done? Where can I find a wizard who can cope with all this?

In modern conditions "Goldfish", which fulfills your desires - it's us !!!

  • If you are a modern woman and value comfort, but can not cope with a leaking pipe;
  • If you are an extremely busy person;
  • If you are not good at the installation and operation of household appliances;
  • If you value comfort and strive for a high quality of life;
  • If sudden problems in your house make you lose your temper;

Do not be discouraged! In these and other unpredictable situations call us - and "Goldfish" will come to the rescue!

  1. We work quickly and efficiently, at any time convenient for you!
  2. We value our time and cherish yours !!! We have an individual approach to each client.
  3. In contrast to the housing department masters we work for ourselves, that is why we care about the quality of work, level of service and our reputation.

When calling or contacting our office our customer service manager will listen to your problem or trouble, will approximately evaluate it and will assign you a particular master.

The price for the work may slightly vary from the price mentioned by the manager, as he has not seen the problem and the ways to solve it, and the master will fix everything on the site.

In case of lack of any construction or consumable item, the master will go to the nearest store or to the nearest market, buy everything and give you a receipt. 

We guarantee: politeness and honesty.
We work: in Kharkov !
Terms of payment: by  cash.

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